The Hearth

Come gather round The Hearth and be supported on your journey.

Every call is different as we explore a different theme each month.  You can attend as many or as few as you want as they are organised on a drop-in basis.

Hearth calls are not workshops.  I will not be teaching you about the topic that we are covering that month. The focus is instead on self-reflection and connection with other participants. Each month will include some kind of experiential component such as group tapping or a guided meditation.  There will also be an opportunity to share our perspectives and experiences with each other.

Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 8 participants so that there will definitely be enough time and space for everyone.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of the space, no recordings are provided. You need to attend live and arrive promptly as we will not wait for late-comers.

In order to make this offer as financially accessible as possible, you can choose to pay as much or as little as feels right to you.  There is a minimum payment of £3 per call.

The next available Hearth dates

Energy Investments - November 23rd 12.30pm
The Heart of Darkness - December 20th 1pm
Resistance to rest - January 23rd 1.00pm


*UK time zone, so GMT or BST.

If you really want to attend a Hearth call but can't make any of these times, feel free to email me on [email protected] and I'll see what I can do!

More about the next Hearth calls

Energy Investments - November 23rd

Identify for yourself your own personal energy expenditure and investments.

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The Heart of Darkness - 20th December

Culturally, we are afraid of the dark, but this is also the place where everything grows.  How might we find warmth and comfort in the dark and deepen our relationship with it?


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Releasing resistance to rest - January 23rd

An invitation to explore and release some of our resistance to resting.

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On these calls, I may offer strategies and ideas that have worked for me and my clients. However, you remain responsible for all your action and inaction and your choices are your responsibility. Your results will vary and are likely to be dependent on the level of self-awareness, vulnerability, and courage that you bring to this experience.