For when you're ready to make big changes happen quickly

EFT is a powerful way of making deep and lasting changes in your life.

We can clear the emotional blocks from your past that are still influencing your present, so that you finally feel free to move forward in the way that you want to.

Ignite is my offering for people who have a specific idea of the outcome that they want and are committed to making changes in that area of their life.

We will work very intensely together, aiming for three sessions a month for three months in a row.

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None of what we will be exploring is an easy fix. This is a journey that will require bravery and discipline from you. I may offer strategies and ideas that have worked for me and my clients. However, your results will vary and your choices are your responsibility. Your results will be dependent on the level of self-awareness, vulnerability, and courage that you bring to this experience.