A 9-month intimate and intensive one-on-one coaching experience to facilitate your journey back to self-trust and self-compassion.

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Most of us swim in a sea of self-loathing without even realising it.  We judge our bodies as unlovable, our flaws as irredeemable.  We criticise ourselves when we make mistakes as if somehow we believe that this will prevent us from making more mistakes in the future. And so completely do we accept this inner critical voice as speaking the truth that we barely even notice what we’re saying to ourselves.

I have found that bringing loving awareness to these unconscious patterns can be the fastest way to bring about the changes in our life that we say we want.  And I have designed this coaching journey to facilitate exactly that process.

Metamorphosis is an intimate and intensive coaching experience that will take you on the deepest journey to transforming your relationship with yourself, and therefore also everything and everyone around you.

Over our nine months together, we will bring compassionate awareness to all the ways in which you are currently judging and criticising yourself and create an environment in which it becomes possible for you to experience a different version of yourself.  Moving towards self-trust will give you an entirely different perspective on your life.

Rather than beating yourself up for not being where you think you should be, you will come to see the power of being exactly where you are.  You will see, as if for the first time, your own richness and beauty exactly as you are.

What transformation can you expect from this experience?

Two truths I have learned in my six years of coaching are that the areas we focus on in coaching never unfold quite like either of us would have planned and that the quality of the transformation is proportional to the intention that you bring to the experience.  This makes it impossible for me to guarantee specific results.  And I have never had a 1:1 client who didn't come away from our sessions in some way changed by the experience.

My intention for this experience is to bring as much loving attention to where you are right now that you start to see yourself and your situation differently.  Together we release some of the conflict between the parts of you that want all the love, happiness, and success you claim to want and the part of you that is deeply terrified of having all of these things so that you can finally step into being fully on your own team.


The nuts and bolts of what Metamorphosis includes

  • Nine 1:1 90-minute calls with me, to be taken approximately once per month that we are working together.  These are an opportunity for us to really dive deep into what's truly going on for you.  Depending on your needs and preferences, I may bring any of my skillset to these calls, including coaching, mentoring, and EFT.
  • Nine months of messaging access to me via WhatsApp or Voxxer so that we can continue our conversations in between calls and as and when issues arise for you.
  • In the first month that we are working together, you will also receive a personality profiling conversation with me and a Survive and Thrive guide for your personality type.
  • An additional call in our final month of working together to draw together the threads of our work and celebrate the progress you have made.


How much does it cost to sign up for Metamorphosis

Working me in this way costs £4455.

Usually, we choose to split this into nine monthly payments of £495, but it is possible to pay in a single upfront payment if you prefer.

Your guide on this journey

Hi, I'm Alice.  I'm a life coach, an EFT practitioner, personality profiler, and all-round adventurer after wisdom.  I will bring all of these tools to our work together, depending on what we agree will best meet your needs on this experience.

I have a lifetime of experience of holding space for people as they explore the deepest questions of their lives.  And six years of experience of the privilege of getting paid to do this.

If you choose to work with me, I will create a container in which you can explore the inner workings of your mind and soul.  I will encourage you when you are feeling scared.  I will reflect the beautiful vastness of your true self back to you.  I will be there for you when it feels difficult.  But I will not rescue you.

I will believe in you, even perhaps when you do not believe in yourself.  And that means that I will always hold on to the truth that you are the only one who can make the choice to step into the fullness of who you are.

I can't promise that it will be easy.  I can promise that it will be worth it.


Who is Metamorphosis for?

This experience is for you if:

  • you are a highly sensitive person who often finds the world overwhelming and exhausting.
  • you have dreams and goals that you are aware some part of you is actually terrified of achieving.
  • you’ve already done a fair amount of personal development, but still feel a nagging sense of disconnection from yourself and discontent with your life.
  • you're increasingly aware of the ways that your self-talk is neither loving nor kind and would like to change that.

And who is not for?

Metamorphosis is not for you if:

  • you are currently struggling with depression, a fair amount of psychological resilience will be required to engage with this work.
  • you are looking for someone else to rescue you or solve your problems for you.
  • you are never available for live calls between 9am and 3pm GMT on weekdays.  The messaging component of this experience means that we can work flexibly across timezones and around commitments.  However, our monthly live calls will need to happen during my normal working hours.

Does this sound like an opportunity that was made for you?

I'm in!


Metamorphosis is a new offering, so these testimonials are from clients who have worked with me in different capacities.

"I started my coaching work with Alice, and had a laundry list of goals I wanted to accomplish. I thought that hiring someone to hold me accountable for my goals was exactly what I needed. I was a little nervous because I do a pretty good job of beating myself up about not accomplishing things as quickly as I like, but I figured having someone else do it would be more effective. In the end that wasn’t at all what Alice did. She came along side me, and encouraged me to give myself credit for doing hard things. She asked me to think about how I could best prepare to tackle a hard task. She was there to listen as I talked through things that I needed to say, because sometimes I needed to sort out some internal conflicts or grow in a specific way before I was able to accomplish the goal on my list! I have made great strides and accomplished things on my list as well as things I never dreamed I would be able to accomplish. I have also softened the self judgment I struggle with. I have changed and grown so much while working with Alice, and it’s just happened in a most natural way, the way a plant grows when in the proper conditions."

- Sally S.

"I was moving city & looking for a new job and was determined not to repeat the pattern of my previous roles - undervaluing my skills & abilities, putting too much pressure on myself, taking on too much, burning out. I was also recovering from a physical illness that had impacted on my mental health and confidence and I knew I needed practical help to rebuild & break the burn out cycle.

At first I wasn’t sure Alice’s approach would suit me - I wanted a formal approach, someone who would hold me to account so I had no choice but to change - but, as we chatted during discovery session, Alice demonstrated that she really understood what I was hoping to get out of the sessions (better than I did!) and explained how we would work to achieve it - by the end of that first chat I had signed up for six sessions!

I hadn’t done anything like this online before but it worked really well and I really appreciated getting the recordings of the sessions so I could listen back to them. Alice was brilliant, nothing fazed her, she created a safe space for me to be completely honest with myself and was able to listen to my incoherent ramblings then ask exactly the right questions to help me figure out what was really going on. Her suggestions were practical & achievable and she gave me the confidence to be realistic about what I could actually do given my situation. The flexibility of her approach meant I didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed and helped me start to trust myself.

Alice has helped me overcome the fears that were holding me back and this has completely changed how I feel. The negative voice telling me I’m not good enough (which was behind the burn out cycle) has been replaced by quiet confidence, trust and belief in myself. This helped me through my job search and I now have a job that I would have only dreamed about previously.

I realise now that I was always waiting for permission from other people to show what I could do - after working with Alice I now know the only person I really needed permission from was me. I’m finally on the road to achieving my potential and can’t thank Alice enough for helping me to find my way - working with her really has been life changing."

- Jenny

Interested, but not sure yet? Let's chat!

Simply send an email to [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  I'll never pressurize you into saying yes.  I only want to work with people who are genuinely excited to start working with me.  But I am more than happy to answer your questions and hold space as you make the decision that is right for you.