because some decisions are too big to be carried alone

If you have a big decision to make, I can be a doula for the decision as you choose how you want to find your way forward.

The equivalent of three days of WhatsApp coaching to support you in making a decision that you feel good about.

Depending on the nature of your decision, you can take these as:

  • three consecutive days
  • one day a week for three weeks
  • six half days as and when you need them
  • a series of brief one or two message check-ins most days for up to a month.

Decisions don’t happen on a predictable timescale, especially not the type of decisions that are big enough for you to consider hiring coaching support as you are making them. The more we try to fit a decision into a tidy schedule, the more likely it is that we will end up making a decision from our intellectual side alone. And the truest decisions generally demand much more depth from us than that.  I will do my best to support you with as much flexibility as you require.  There is also the option of purchasing this offer twice if you require more intensive support.  Please email me to discuss this option.

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None of what we will be exploring is an easy fix. This is a journey that will require bravery and discipline from you. I may offer strategies and ideas that have worked for me and my clients. However, your results will vary and your choices are your responsibility. Your results will be dependent on the level of self-awareness, vulnerability, and courage that you bring to this experience.