A journey of self-resourcing, alignment, and empowerment for empathic, introverted and highly sensitive women who are ready to reclaim their power so that they can let go of overwhelm, people-pleasing and perfectionism and finally create lives in which they can truly thrive.


Monthly drop-in circles where you can request community support or laser coaching or EFT from Alice.  Taking big steps towards your dreams can feel lonely, this is my way of making community support feel as accessible as possible.

£3 minimum donation

A 9-month intimate and intensive one-on-one coaching experience to facilitate your journey back to self-trust and self-compassion.


When you area ready to make big changes in a specific area of your life where you are ready to make big changes, Ignite is the best opion for you. This is a three month package of 9 1:1 60 minute EFT calls in order to work really intensively to see deep and lasting changes.



If you have a big decision weighing you down and would like coaching support to get you to a decision that you feel good about, then Wayfinding is for you. This is a three-day coaching experience delivered via a messaging app.



If none of my other packages appeal to you, then I can create a coaching package that is completed tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Purchasing this session gives you 60 minutes of time with me on a Zoom call.

Depending on what topic you want to bring to the session, I may bring any of my skillset to this call, including coaching, mentoring, or EFT.



A conversation-based approach to finding your best-fit Myers-Briggs type and an exploration of how you can use this knowledge to create a life in which you can truly thrive.